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The Intervals (1) | 23 octobre 2010

The Intervals (1) (Los angeles, CA)

Personnel :

Cleve O'Dear (Lead / Tenor)

La Valle Lee (Baritone)

Denise Perrier (Soprano)

La Monte Lee (Bass)

Discography :

1958 - Try To Realize / Love Me Sweet (Irma 820)
1958 - Please Come Back To Me / Don't Leave Me (Ad 103)
1958 - Side Street / I Still Love That Man (Ad 104/Apt 25019)
1960 - I Envy these things / What am i Without you (West Coast 2)

Biography :

In the late fifties, Denise Perrier found herself performing with a vocal group called The Intervals, led by Cleve O'Dear, who had worked in Andy Kirk's big band. The quartet, impeccable in both their harmony and dress, worked clubs like the Jack Tar in San Francisco, as well as the Embers, and the Hawaiian Gardens located in a section of Palo Alto called Little Las Vegas (It received its nickname from hosting many of the same personalities as Vegas, such as Jack Jones, Steve Lawrence, etc.).


It was in this Little Las Vegas that Perrier's career really started to take off. During a benefit for The NAACP at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, The Intervals caught the attention of a legendary figure in the world of jazz, Louis Armstrong.

Songs :

Love Me Sweet                     Side Street

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