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Elegy, 1939 by de Kooning | 28 novembre 2006

The organic forms and black contours in Elegy reminds us of paintings by Joan Mirò and also works by de Kooning's friend Arshile Gorky.
The painting was first shown in 1943.
At the exposition Twentieth Century Paintings in gallery Bignou in New York, were it was bought by the Art Collector Helena Rubenstein.


Publié par MMaxi à 15:09:52 dans Willem de Kooning | Commentaires (2) |

29-11-2006  22:27  29-11-2006 22:27
Thank you  De  MMaxi identité certifiée Sujet:  Thank you
AGAINST* It's always a pleasure hearing from you to. I love to visit your world here as well. I wish I could speak and read better French then I do now. But I hope I will soon. It as been a great pleasure to discover the wonderful work of Willem de Kooning. All the best from Amsterdam. MMaxi
29-11-2006  19:08  29-11-2006 19:08
great  De  AGAINST* identité certifiée Sujet:  great
artist and i'm happy to meet his paintings here, in you world. Have a nice day MMaxi. Its all the time a pleasure to come here...

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